Insurance Claims

Use A Loss Assesser To Get A Fair Payout!

A loss assessor is an insurance professional who understands each and every finer detail about that field. Whenever you are dealing with your claims, be it business or personal loss, flood, fire, water damage, car accident or any other insurable form of loss, it will be to your advantage to secure the support and help of a loss assessor. These professionals are known by several different names such as claims consultant, loss assessors, insurance assessors, or insurance specialists. They deal with claims of varied sizes. Their main objective and aim is to ensure that the people they work for receive the best possible outcome.


A loss assessor is involved in dialogues between the claimant and the insurance company, therefore working as a moderator. They handle the case with professionalism and give you appropriate sufficient guidance of successfully sailing through the claim. A loss assessor will basically assure you a smooth, amicable and agreeable outcome.


Loss Assessors Can Help You Get a Better Claim Payout


Securing the services of a loss assessor for example like Cherry and Griffiths is a good way of making your insurance company feel that you a very serious about your claim.


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When you hire a loss assessor, your insurance company on the other hand appoints a professional party known as a loss adjuster. It is important to bear in mind that loss adjusters could be more inclined and loyal towards the insurance company because they work for the insurer, although professional ethics expect them to work without any prejudice or bias.


Although many people believe that the loss adjuster will compensate the claimant the fair sum of money that they actually deserve, the truth is that the insurance company is out to make money and therefore the loss adjuster will scrutinize the claim in a way that the insurer compensates you the minimum amount possible. A loss assessor will therefore do all he can to his level best to ensure that you are compensated the full payment.


Dealing with all these claims on your own can prove to be quite challenging as these claims require a lot of paperwork and documentation which can only be handled and prepared by a person who has full understanding and knowledge about the field. Thus, a loss assessor will handle these complex procedures and give you a reasonable guarantee that you will be reimbursed the sum of money that is worthy the loss you have suffered.


The possibility of a claim is perhaps the only factor that effects insurance. In the event a claim arises, you always have expectations that your insurance company will handle it in a sympathetic way and by so doing you are not left financially disadvantaged. Unfortunately, the reality often takes a totally different course. In this light, therefore, a loss assessor helps ensure that you as the policyholder receive the most equitable compensation as opposed to the least that the loss adjuster might suggest and the insurance company is willing to pay. A loss assessor will respond to you immediately, prepare claims for you and of course negotiate the favorable terms for payment on your behalf. A loss assessor could be an individual with full knowledge on insurance matters or a staff from an organized body such as the Institute of Public Loss Assessors.


What a loss assessor does can be classified into a set of services that can be sought for all manner of claims resulting from a loss. These include:

  1. Theft
  2. Fire
  3. Flood
  4. Business interruption
  5. Storm
  6. Motor
  7. Natural disaster
  8. Third party assets claim
  9. Transit
  10. Subsistence
  11. Computer loss
  12. Chemical and oil pollution
  13. Any other claim of any complexity or size

In summary therefore, a loss assessor handles all aspects of the claims procedures, some of which include:

  1. Negotiating for the best possible reimbursements for the claim
  2. Preparing the claim
  3. Meeting with the representatives of the insurance company or their loss adjusters.
  4. Deals with claims that have been declined ny the insurer initially or where there have been delays or problems in agreeing the fair settlement of the claim.

Loss assessors agree with you on a fee to be charged in advance, for the work done on your behalf.